20 Benefits of Amla Juice For Skin, Hair & Overall Health


Benefits Of Amla Juice

Amla juice, the name in itself sounds very fancy. For those who like to have it, you are doing the best for yourself already by having this juice. Yes, this one is filled with oodles of benefits for your hair, skin and overall health. The drink is healthy due to its vitamin C content and other nutrients like iron. Now that you have an idea of it let’s look into its advantages.

Benefits For Health

1. Relieves Asthma

Amla Juice For Asthma

Amla juice is your saviour when you feel heavy breathing problem. Drinking this juice twice a day can ease it down and also reduce the complications. It can also cut down the chances of a chronic cough, other allergies, and even tuberculosis.

2. Burns Fat

Amla Juice For Weight Loss

Burning fat gets more comfortable with amla juice. Just one glass of this one can cut down immense fat from your body. It can also fight obesity, so the unwanted fat gets burnt. It creates positive nitrogen balance.

3. Relieves Constipation

Amla Juice For Constipation

Having amla juice for your digestive tract is another miraculous thing to follow. This drink can do wonders and can relive disorders like constipation. It can also cure piles. For regular bowel movements, have this juice and treat chronic stomach pain.

4. Cures Gastric Disorders

Amla Juice For Gastric Disorder

It can cure diseases like hypochlorhydria. Besides that, having amla juice can also heal the liver problems. It is an effective remedy for peptic ulcer and acidity. Have this juice with ghee twice a day and see the results.

5. Blood Purifier

Amla Juice As Blood Purifier

Cut down on spending too much money on those detox drinks. Try out having amla juice. It acts as a blood purifier. It can flush out all the toxins from the body. Regular intake of this one can also increase haemoglobin. Bid goodbye to acne and other related issues with this remedy.

6. Improves Eyesight

Amla Juice For Eyesight

Regular intake of amla juice can also take away eyesight issues and tiredness as well. It can also minimize tension and cure issues like reddening, itching, etc.

7. Beneficial For Heart

Amla Juice For Heart

This one is known to cure stress and cholesterol as well. Have amla juice and see your stamina get stronger with it. It helps in muscle building and is also beneficial for proper blood flow.

8. Cooling Agent

Amla Juice As Cooling Agent

We know how the sun can torture you but having amla juice can chill you down. It has vitamin C in it that can improve the tannins. It can shield you from light and heat as well. Have amla juice and control your body heat with it. The juice can also protect you from heavy and harmful sun rays.

9. Soothes Inflammation

Amla Juice Reduces Inflamations

The anti-inflammatory properties of the juice can reduce the chances of arthritis. It can also protect and ease down the tissues of the digestive tract.

Benefits For Skin

10. Lightens Complexion

Amla Juice Lightens Complexion


The presence of antioxidants and also vitamin C can brighten the skin tone. The juice lends a natural glow to the texture. Apply a face mask of this one with honey on your face. Keep it for some time and then wash it off. This remedy can keep you blemish free.

11. Anti-Aging Benefits

Amla Juice As Anti Ageing Agent

Everyone wishes to look younger. Have this juice and let your skin attain antioxidants. Vitamin C grants young looking skin texture. Intake of this juice can cure premature wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots as well.

12. Pigmentation

Amla Juice Cures Skin Pigmentation

Amla juice can cleanse pigmentation also. Applying or drinking this juice can do the needful. You can apply it on your face with cotton. Do this regularly as it can help in lightening the marks and also reduce the pigmentation caused.

13. Treats Acne And Scars

Amla Juice Treats Acne

Amla juice can cure acne and also scars. Apply the paste of this one for some time. It can fight the bacterias on the skin and reduce the chances of skin infections as well. It keeps pimples at bay and also bring them down from returning. Drink this juice and get flawless skin.

14. Exfoliates And Cleanses The Skin

Amla Juice Exfloliate Skin

This one is widely used as a cleanser and has a mild exfoliant in it. It can kill all the dead skin cells. If you have sensitive skin texture, mix amla juice with more water and apply on your skin.

Benefits For Hair

15. Strengthens Hair

Amla Juice For Hair

When you lose a chunk of hair, it is quite annoying. Amla juice can keep this issue at bay. Mix this one with lemon juice and apply on your scalp. Keep it for some time and then wash it off after a while. Once done, see your hair shine more.

16. Premature Graying

When hair turns grey at a very young age, we check out chemical driven solutions to cure the problem. Let this one not be favoured at all. Choose amla juice and control the factors causing greying of hair to rise.

17. Cures Dandruff

Amla Juice Cures Dandruff

Being rich in vitamin C, this juice can also cure flaky skin. Yes, dandruff issue comes to an end as you infuse amla juice in your daily life.

18. Conditions Hair

Amla Juice Conditions Hair

Amla juice is also known as a good conditioner for hair. It can be mixed with henna and applied to your hair. This solution can easily cure the drying nature. You can also use the juice directly to wash your hair with it.

19. Scalp Cleanser

Amla And Egg Hair Mask As Scalp Cleaner

Chemical infused products can make your hair fall, but a home remedy like amla is a solution you need. Take the juice and add an egg to it. Massage your hair with this solution. This one can make your hair silky as well as shiny. Nourish your scalp at least once a week with this mixture.

20. Prevents Hair Problems

Amla Juice Hair Benefits

Control hair issues like hair fall, breakage, split ends with amla juice. Having two glasses of it per day can lend you extra benefits.