12 Benefits Of Green Tea For Skin, Hair & Overall Health


Benefits Of Green Tea

Everywhere in the world people consider green tea to be a great remedy for weight loss. Apart from that, this one tea is known for other benefits as well which we miss out on. Green tea is considered to be rich in antioxidants and other related properties. Being rich in vitamin B and magnesium, it gives a lot of relief to many health-related problems. Try infusing green tea into your schedule and notice all the advantages it grants you. Let’s talk about all the armor properties green tea holds.


1. Reduces Dark Circles

Green Tea Reduces Dark Circles

Green tea has enough antioxidants and also astringent in it that can treat the dark circles. The puffiness also reduces as you use this one. The delicate skin near your eyes heals, and the blood vessels don’t shrink. The vitamin K present in it can reduce the dark circles as well. Take green tea bags and put them to freeze for a while. Place them on your eyes and relax. Enjoy the refreshment and practice this method till you achieve the final results.

2. Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is one of the problems that we can fall prey to if we don’t take enough care. The polyphenols in it can prevent the tumor cell growth. The healing of the skin takes place as you infuse green tea into your schedule. It can also treat other minor skin problems as well.

3. Improves Complexion

Green Tea Improves Complexion

This tea is also known for skin rejuvenation properties. It is known to cure the wounds and diseases. It also boosts the complexion. If you have got tanned, this one is a perfect remedy for you to get your skin back. Take green tea bags and mix them up with lemon juice. Later on, apply this mixture on your face and keep it for some time. Wash off with lukewarm water and follow this at least once or twice a week.

4. Skin Toner

Now, there is no need to spend extra on toners that are available in the market. Rose water can be your mate. This tea helps to remove all the impurities and also the decrease the size of the pores. Green tea is known to keep the skin hydrated and quite glowing as well. Take green tea and brew it well. Later on, add some essential oil to it. Put it in a bottle and apply it regularly before you put on your makeup. You can also use this if you are suffering from psoriasis.

5. Controls Acne

Yes, finally one remedy sorted to clear off the acne as well. The catechins present can fight the bacteria. They also assist you if you are currently going through hormonal imbalance. You need to use green tea that’s brewed well for this one. Add water to it and apply this solution with cotton. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash it off. You can follow this twice a day.¬†The anti-inflammatory properties of it can reduce the inflammation.



6. Hair Growth

Green Tea Helps In Hair Growth

Green tea promotes hair growth as well. The Dihydrotestosterone in hair leads to hair fall which is controlled by green tea. It also consists of antiseptic properties that control other hair issues like dandruff. Vitamin C and E in green tea can make your hair voluminous too. Rinse your hair with freshly brewed green tea and wash it off later with water. Follow this for some months. You can also drink it every day to make your hair beautiful again.

7. Hair Turns Shiny

Green tea is known to be full of life. The properties of it can make your hair shiny as well. The presence of vitamin E and C can keep your hair conditioned. Green tea also protects from further damage caused to hair. Use 2 or 3 bags of it. Dampen your hair and rinse with this solution. Wash with shampoo later. You can follow this twice a week.


8. Maintains Body Weight

Green Tea Maintains Body Weight

One cup of green tea can helps in lowering down the body fat. It aids in generating heat that helps in killing the fat. All thanks to catechins. The combination and also other compounds that are available in the tea help in metabolism and also burn calories.

9. Helps In Cholesterol Levels

This is one of the greatest benefits of green tea. Green tea reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body. Consuming it can often help in increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Try this remedy out!

10. Treats Bad Breath

Bad breath is quite embarrassing, but green tea is your solution. The growth of bacteria is controlled by having green tea. For this one, you need to dip the bag in water and gargle your mouth with it. Freshen your mouth with this solution!

11. Lowers Down Blood Sugar Levels 

Green tea helps in controlling the levels of sugar in the body. It also helps in other complications like kidney failures and heart diseases. The production of insulin stimulates in the pancreas that helps in maintenance of the sugar levels.

12. Relieves Stress And Depression

Green Tea Relieves Stress And Depression

You might not know this one, but green tea can help in mood rejuvenation as well. People have noticed a change in their behavior as they started consuming this tea. Green tea is good for your brain and also the polyphenols in it can help in supply of glucose to your brain. The theanine, an amino acid can help in relieving all the stress. The lower rate of caffeine can help in curing other anxiety disorders too.