17 Benefits Of Jaggery For Skin, Hair & Overall Health


Jaggery Benefits

Jaggery quite well known as ‘Gur’ has numerous benefits. It is much better than refined sugar, and the presence of phytochemicals in it can help your overall health. Jaggery can provide essential nutrients that are needed. Yes, it’s a sweetening agent but has more benefits filled in it. Let’s find all of them below.

Benefits For Skin

1. Nourishes The Skin

Jaggery For Healthy Skin

Jaggery includes a rich source of minerals as well vitamins in it. It is known to keep your whole body nourished. Even your skin health would become better as you include this one in your diet. Add this one to your meals and notice your skin turn glowy with time.

2. Treats Acne And Minor Pimples As Well

Jaggery For Acne

As you have jaggery, you will also notice the pimples on your face diminish. It can also keep you blemish free for the coming times. The process of ageing slows down as you consume jaggery.

Benefits For Health

3. Body Cleanser

Jaggery Used For Body Cleansing

It is known as the best natural cleanser for the overall body. It helps in detoxifying the respiratory tract, lungs, intestines and also the food pipe. The toxins and other impurities in the body come to an end. It can also relieve constipation.

4. Boosts Intestinal Health

Jaggery For Intestinal Health


Jaggery includes wonderful benefits, and it can promote the health of intestines as well. The high level of magnesium content in it can fulfil the daily requirement of it in your body. Eat it and notice the visible changes in your health.

5. Blood Pressure

Jaggery For Blood Pressure

Jaggery has potassium and sodium in it that play an important role in maintaining the acidic levels in the body. Eating jaggery means you are keeping the level of blood pressure entirely maintained.

6. Treats Flu

Jaggery For Flu

Drinking jaggery with a glass of water or in your tea can cure a sore throat. Try this remedy out and say no to refined sugar.

7. Boosts Immunity

Jaggery For Health

The total count of haemoglobin is boosted in the body with the help of jaggery. It can prevent any blood-related problems. It adds resistance to your overall body.

8. Eases Menstrual Pain

Jaggery For Menstural Cramps


Eating jaggery means you are increasing the happy hormones in your body. To relax yourself down during the menstrual cycle, this one is the way to go. Have jaggery water and see it control your mood swings. It also takes away abdominal pain and cramps during the periods.

9. Increase In Appetite

It can also regulate all the food inside your body. It increases the production of the digestive enzymes. Planning to gain weight? Jaggery is your answer to a healthy routine.

10. Cools Stomach Issues

Jaggery For Stomach Issues

There are days when you don’t feel like coming out of the washroom. Jaggery can control that problem. It can keep your stomach cool as you infuse it with water or milk and drink it. The ingredients present in jaggery can make you feel refreshed again.

11. Reduces Ear Pain

Jaggery Reduces Ear Pain

This is the simplest and the cheapest remedy of all. Eating jaggery mixed with ghee or butter can let you get rid of ear infection or illness.

12. Weakness And Fatigue

aggery For Weakness And Fatigue

Refined sugar is known to be quite bad for health. Jaggery is the key to infuse into your lifestyle. It offers instant energy as it is made of complex carbohydrates that let you be active throughout the day. It can give relief from fatigue as well as weakness.

13. Treats Hiccups

Jaggery Treats Hiccups

Consume jaggery with ginger powder and add warm water to it. This remedy can cure hiccups instantly.

14. Migraine Relief

Jaggery Helps In Migraine

Take jaggery with tea or warm water as it can also provide relief from a headache. You can also mix it with ghee and have two spoons to cure a migraine.

15. Urinary Disorder

If you sense inflammation in your bladder, jaggery can cure it. It can be added to hot milk or butter and also gooseberry powder to heal the urinary tract infection. It can even cure other related diseases.

16. Provides Antioxidants

jaggery as antioxidants

Jaggery is concluded to be a rich source of antioxidants that has selenium in it. It means it prevents your overall health from free radicals. Many ailments and disorders stay away with this remedy. The presence of antioxidants can also delay the ageing process.

Benefits For Hair

17. Hair Enhancement

Jaggery For Hair Enhancement

Jaggery is filled with vitamin C, and it can also enhance the iron absorption in the body. Consuming jaggery also means your hair will turn stronger and quite long. Mix the powder of jaggery with fuller’s earth and add curd to it. Apply this solution to your hair twice a month. Notice a change in your hair texture after 6 months. You will be amazed by the results.