12 Benefits Of Lemon Tea For Skin, Hair & Overall Health


Benefits Of Lemon Tea

If you have been having lemon tea regularly, then you are on the right track. Because lemon tea is considered to be a host of many benefits, without a doubt, it should be consumed every day.  It can cleanse your whole body and energise you for the entire day. Lemon tea is a form of black tea that has an added flavour of lemon to it. Replace caffeine this one and notice the changes in your lifestyle. Read below to find out more benefits associated with this one.

Benefits For Health

1. Cleanser And Detoxification

Lemon Tea For Detoxification

Lemon tea is used to cleanse the body. It can remove the harmful toxins from the system. Various diseases and infections fade with this one. It is known as an excellent detoxifier that can prevent quite a lot of disorders.

2. Cold And Flu Treatment

Lemon For Cold And Flu

Lemon tea can offer relief if you are suffering from cold and flu. You can add ginger to this tea and have it thrice daily. Your sore throat will feel better, and your immunity will get boosted with this one. It can keep you warm during the winter months. Mucus in the throat gets thinner with this tea.

3. Psychological Benefits

Lemon Tea For Anxiety

Lemon tea can remove all the toxins but also energise you. It can refresh your mind, and you will be able to think better of it. Stress is an add-on that triggers mental health issues. But this tea can do wonders when you suffer from headaches, lethargy and fatigue problem. Feel active as you have this tea daily.

4. Cardiovascular Benefits

Lemon Tea For Heart

The tea protects against many cardiovascular issues. It includes flavonoids in it that can also reduce the inflammation and also the formation of blood clots in the body. Drink this tea and combat various health issues.

5. Natural Antiseptic

Lemon Tea As Natural Antiseptic

Lemon is known as a natural antiseptic. Hence, the tea also has antibacterial and antiviral properties in it. Regular consumption of this one can heal all sorts of infections and diseases.

6. Digestive Problem

Lemon Tea For Stomach Problem


For healthy digestion, having this tea is a must. It tends to eliminate toxins and also the waste in the body. It absorbs all the benefits. The citric acid present in the lemon can aid digestion. It can also help with issues like the kidney stone. The ascorbic acid is another natural antioxidant that can be quite helpful.

7. Iron Absorption

Lemon For Iron Absorption

Having this tea means you are gaining vitamin C that boosts non-heme iron for the body. Having this tea can offer sufficient iron count for your overall health.

Benefits For Skin

8. Clears The Skin

Lemon Tea For Healthy Skin

It is known for its hydration quality. Being rich in vitamin C and also ascorbic acid, it can help in collagen production. The proteins in it can aid the growth of cells in the body. The blood vessels get strengthened. Skin gets repaired as you have this tea daily. Get vibrant glow for your skin yet again with it!

9. Lighten Acne Scars

Lemon Tea For Acne

Intake of lemon tea can cure acne, blackheads and other related problems. This is not proven as however, but yes there have been cases where the chances of their appearance have reduced. You need to have it empty stomach every day especially in the morning. The astringent in it can help the facial scars.

Benefits For Hair

10. Stimulates Hair Growth

Lemon Water For Hair Growth

Lemon water is known as an amazing ingredient for natural hair. It can make your follicles quite stronger from inside. It easily promotes hair growth as its infused with goodness.

11. Treats Dandruff

Lemon Tea for Scalp

The antioxidants in it are favourable for the scalp. Drinking this tea regularly can treat itchy scalp. Having caffeine often can lead to several issues, but lemon tea can let you bid adieu to them.

12. Oily And Greasy Hair

Lemon For Oily Hair

People with oily texture hate to step out without washing their hair. Thankfully, this tea takes care of this problem as well. It can decrease the secretion of sebaceous glands. The hair follicles stop getting clogged as you lemon tea in your schedule.