16 Benefits Of Tomatoes For Skin, Hair & Overall Health


Benefits Of Tomatoes

Our skin revitalises for good when our food habits are well built. That said, let’s talk about tomatoes today that we tend to ignore most of the times. To tell you the truth, these tomatoes are known to be beneficial for our overall health. These juicy tomatoes are a powerhouse of advantages. Find them below and bring them in our life, stat!

Benefits Related To Overall Health:

1. Known As A Filling Food

Tomatoes are known to be high in water content. Our skin and health are moisturised well, and even the overall health remains better when you inculcate with them.

2. They Control The Heart Rate

Eat them raw or make the juice as either does the magic. Tomatoes are rich in potassium that can control the heart rate. Many other heart-related diseases are prevented as you grab these in your dinner or salads.

3. Prevents Eye Problems

Tomatoes For Eye Problems

The vitamins such as vitamin A and flavonoid B complex are known to be vital for our health. As they are present in tomatoes, it is highly recommended that you consume them.

4. Blood Pressure

If you are a patient of blood pressure, be laidback because tomatoes are your best bets. They are a powerful source of minerals as well as nutrients. They safeguard our health and control the blood pressure from shooting now and then.

5. Maintenance Of Bones And Teeth

Tomatoes are known to be rich in calcium as well. They can improve the strength of your bones. Kids are advised to consume them. They can also keep the state of teeth healthy.

6. They Prevent Cancer Cells

Tomatoes To Prevent Cancer Cells

Tomatoes are known for their antioxidant behaviour. They prevent the unwanted reactions that take place in lungs and breasts. They help in the treatment and also prevent the carcinogenic reactions from spreading in the body.

7. Muscle Building

For all the gym lovers out there, if you are health conscious this one is the way to go. Tomatoes are known to be rich in protein, and they can also repair the cells. Eat them and see your muscles build at a faster pace.


8. Less Fat

If you are worried about gaining weight by eating tomatoes, then you are highly mistaken. Tomatoes have lesser calories in them due to which the chances of weight gain lower down.

Benefits Related To Skin:

9. Treats Pores

The open pores of the skin can harm the texture. Don’t let your moisture fade and grab tomatoes instead. Take some tomato juice and add water to it. Apply the same to your skin with a cotton ball. Massage for some time and leave this mask for 15 minutes. Wash off your face later. The application of this one can reduce the pore size to a great extent.

10. Glowing Skin

Tomatoes For Glowing Skin

Tomatoes are known to be a part of a healthy diet regime. Rubbing them on the skin can lend you a glowing skin. It contains high levels of vitamin C that can enhance the texture of the skin and also improve your skin tone.

11. Acts As A Sunscreen

Various research studies have shown that usage of tomatoes on the skin can work as a sunscreen. Skin protection is provided by them, and they work on the heavy sun rays.

12. Astringent Properties

Tomatoes make an excellent combination to protect the skin against many harmful substances. Make a pack of it with mashed avocados and apply on the skin. This mixture is known to cleanse the skin and offer a glowing complexion.

Benefits Related To Hair:

13. Hair Loss Saviour

We all know how hair products contain chemicals in them, but as tomatoes are known for vitamins like A, B and C, they can be a good stimulant for hair. Application of its juice can work well on the scalp leading to less flakiness.

14. Natural Conditioner

Tomatoes For Hair Growth

Tomatoes are an excellent conditioner as well. Need straight hair? Try out this remedy for your hair. It gives a natural shine and makes it soft with time.

15. Fuss-Free Forever

Applying the juice on your hair, a nourishing oil can also be a good idea. Take just a few drops of both these remedies and apply on your hair. Your hair texture will change its path for a better one.

16. Hair Colour Prevention

Applying pure tomato juice can also help to protect your hair colour. When we go for swimming, due to excessive chlorine, our hair colour fades. Tomatoes act like a saviour in such cases.