12 Benefits Of Using Wooden Comb For Your Hair



Benefits Of Using Wooden Comb

It doesn’t even take a second for someone to notice your hair texture. As our lifestyle differs, the quality of the hair totally depends on it. A perfect hair care routine is not just about the shampoos and hair masks we use, but it is also about the types of combs we utilize. Plastic and metal combs are known to bring static energy thereby leading to hair loss. Wooden combs are known for their unmatched benefits. The long and voluminous hair is the result of using a wooden comb. Read further and find out the benefits associated with this hairbrush.

1. It Runs Softly On Hair

Wooden Comb Runs Softly On Hair

Just like our skin needs all the attention so does our hair. Wooden combs run quite smoothly on the hair and open the tangles easily. This type just blends right and makes every process simpler. Rushing to work? Keep a wooden comb even while are running short on time.

2. Maintains The Health Of The Scalp

Health Of The Scalp

Combing hair with plastic combs can lead to breakage, but wooden combs are easy even on the scalp. When the wooden comb is pressed on the scalp, the natural oil spreads through every strand. Blood circulation takes place and boosts the scalp health.

3. Longer Hair, Guaranteed

Longer Hair With Wooden Comb

As mentioned before that wooden hair brushes can increase blood circulation, they further lead to hair enhancement as well. They are smooth on the follicles. The secretion of sebum regulates and also the impurities are dead. With this process, hair growth stimulates instantly.

4. Natural Conditioner

The natural oil glides down as we start using wooden combs on our hair. This means your hair is getting enough nutrition and it only gets softer due to the natural conditioning that takes place each time you comb.


5. No Dryness Caused

Women are generally worried about this aspect and to treat this faux pas they go to any extent to get it resolved. Use wooden hairbrushes and notice your hair changing the texture. The oily scalp comes to an end and the over secretion of sebum stops. Unlike metal combs, wooden combs are ultra sleek that leads to no harm when you comb.

6. Lesser Allergies

Sometimes when we don’t take care of our follicles, they lose the energy to shine. It’s vital that you understand your hair type and buy the products accordingly. When it comes to a hairbrush, using a wooden one means there are fewer chances of allergies. The natural components keep them hypoallergenic. They come with a protective coating that makes your hair free from harmful substances.

7. Durable

As compared to those local plastic combs, a wooden comb lasts longer. They are a one-time investment that stays for as long as you maintain them. The gentle bristles make your hair stronger with time.

8. Fewer Chances Of Dandruff

Don’t we all want that to happen? Yes, wooden combs can also deteriorate the existence of dandruff. The flaky skin leads to hair fall but can be controlled with this hairbrush. The gentler glide of this comb doesn’t nick the scalp. There is a proper distribution of hair oil, and so the chances of dandruff, as well as hair fall, reduce.

9. Lends Bouncy Hair

Bouncy Hair With Wooden Comb

Wooden combs give voluminous hair as they treat the hair softly. When plastic combs are used, they generally get stuck in the tangles leading to hair fall. As there is enough distribution of the sebum and circulation, the hair stays healthy. Not only that but following a proper diet is also mandatory here. So, it is advisable to stick to wooden combs instead of mediocre quality brushes.

10. Removes Dirt And Stuck Particles

This may come as a surprise, but our hair includes dirt from our all-day journey. A wooden brush can remove the dirt particles easily as compared to plastic ones. How? The static charge of low-quality comb lets the dirt sit on them. The next time you are about to purchase a comb, think twice before you make a decision.

11. Massage Provider

Now, save some money the moment you bring a wooden comb in your life. For hair care, we often go for massages. What if we tell you that it can be done at home as well? Yes, wooden combs are known to calm the nerves down and lend relaxation as you start using it. You won’t experience the same with metal options as they have sharp bristles.

12. Used For Blow Drying

Wooden is not at all a good conductor of heat due to which it can be used for blow drying as well. The plastic combs make it unbearable while hair styling but the same doesn’t happen with wooden options.

Wooden combs will enhance the hair growth and offer a better lifestyle. Get it home immediately because your follicles are waiting for such a blissful experience!