10 Bhringraj Oil Benefits for Hair, Skin & Health


Bhringraj Oil Benefits

Discovered in the ancient times, Bhringaraj oil is an alternative that one can use for hair care and other benefits. It has natural oils like coconut and sesame oil. It is also known as Karisalankanni and it grows in India, Brazil, and China. There are many benefits associated with Bhringraj oil. Some of the remarkable ones are as follows.

Benefits For Health

1. Acts as Stress Buster

Bhringraj Oil As Stress Buster

Stress is a common problem from which we all suffer. In such a fast-paced life, we might miss out on benefits given out by certain oils. Other problems like high blood pressure, sugar etc. might arise due to stress. Bring an end to this issue by using the Bhringraj oil for your temples. It can relieve stress and also offer calmness. It can let you have a better sleep at night.

2. Improves Vision

Bhringraj Oil Improves Eyesight

Yes, Bhringraj oil can also improve your eyesight. As you inhale this oil, you will notice it offers relief to your organs.

3. Cures Flu

Bhringraj Oil Cures Flu

If you are down with fever, include Bhringraj oil in your schedule. The reason being, it has properties that can deteriorate the chances of flu spreading further. Mix a few drops of this one with honey and hot water. It can cure and treat cold and cough. You need to consume this solution once every day. Consult your doctor before its usage.

4. Prevents Anaemia

Bhringraj Oil Prevents Anaemia

Being rich in iron, Bhringraj oil can also prevent the chances of anaemia. You can drink this one with honey and boiled water. If you don’t like to have it bland, you can add it to your soup and drink it.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Bhringraj Reduces Inflammation

Bhringraj oil includes anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the chances of fever, headache, body pain etc. Massage your head with this oil and see Bhringraj oil alleviate the achiness caused.

6. Acts as Tonic For Liver

Bhringraj Tonic As Liver Tonic


Bhringraj oil is known to be a liver tonic. Regular intake of junk food can lead to liver damage. It is one of the best remedies. Just add Bhringraj leaves to your diet. You can simply take the leaves and heat them. Include them in your dal or stuffed chappatis. It is a perfect substitute for palak and spinach. Use this at least once a week.

7. Provides Relief From Sinusitis

Bhringraj Provides Relief From Sinusitis

Bhringaraj is effective for the sinusitis infection as well. Take a few leaves of this one and heat it in a pan. Put peppercorns and then add the leaves with turmeric powder. Boil it well and have it for sinus.

Benefits For Skin

8. Cures Skin Allergies

Bhringraj Cures Skin Allergies

Bhringraj oil can treat many skin related issues. It can purify the blood and also fight the conditions and allergies. When you apply this oil on your skin, it can work well. Include honey and water for it. It can also heal wounded skin.

9. Prevents Premature Ageing

Bhringraj Prevents Ageing

The benefits of this oil can prevent premature skin ageing. It can purify blood and also make the skin look younger and beautiful.

Benefits For Hair

10. Prevents Hair Loss

Bhringraj Controls Hair Loss

As per Ayurvedic techniques, hair loss happens when there is Vata Dosha. It can make your hair weak and also undernourished. It can cause hair fall. Bhringaraj oil tackles all the doshas and also increases blood circulation. It can enhance the hair texture and also nourish it well. It is the best remedy for baldness as well.

11. Reduces Dandruff

Bhringraj Prevents Dandruff

Apart from everything else, Bhringraj oil can treat dandruff as well. Massage your hair with heated Bhringraj oil for some time. It reduces flakiness and also the smell of dandruff goes away with it.

12. Prevents Premature Greying

Bhringraj Prevents Premature Greying

Bhringraj oil prevents greying of hair. When you apply this oil on a regular basis, it can restore the natural hair colour and also reduce the chances of grey hair. It has herbs like Bhringraj and also Jatamansi that can give you damage free hair texture.