12 Brahmi Oil Benefits for Hair, Skin & Health


Benefits Of Brahmi OilBrahmi is a herb that’s found in wetlands and is enriched with compounds like Herpestes, Saponins etc. This ayurvedic medicine also is known as Bacopa Monnieri, is a medicine that is used for memory booster as well. Brahmi is an edible plant with small leaves. Following, we have mentioned some of its benefits that can be obtained for hair, skin and health as well. Scroll, attain and change the way you live your life for better.

Benefits For Hair

1. Brahmi For Hair Loss

Brahmi Oil For Hair Loss

Applying Brahmi hair oil can strengthen the hair and also scalp massaging this hair oil means you are keeping flaky skin at bay. Besides that, it can also cure itchiness and formation of split ends in the hair.

2. Scalp Nourishment

Brahmi Oil For Scalp Nourishment

Brahmi hair oil can also cure damaged scalp. Yes, dandruff can be an annoying subject to deal with but this oil can come to your rescue. Hot Brahmi oil massage can lend proper nutrients to your scalp and it can also enhance hair growth.

3. Prevents Alopecia

Brahmi Oil For Alopecia

The biochemicals in this oil can also form antioxidants. Applying and massaging with this hair oil can cure baldness as well.

Benefits For Skin

4. Skin Glow

Brahmi Oil For Skin Glow

Brahmi oil can lend fair skin. The presence of antioxidants in it can dispel the toxins from the body totally. It can cure the epithelium layer and also improve the skin texture. It can also lead to cell regeneration. Brahmi oil is also used in treating other issues like psoriasis, eczema and also ulceration.

Benefits For Health

5. Sleep Remedy

Brahmi Oil As Sleep Remedy

People who are suffering from insomnia, they can get relief from Brahmi oil. Yes, Brahmi oil can induce sleep. Add some drops of this one to bath water. Make sure the water is warm. Then massage with the Brahmi oil. Continue doing so for about 10 minutes. Now, experience great sleep and relaxed state of mind and body with this remedy.


6. Calms Anxiety

Brahmi Oil Calms Anxiety

Brahmi oil can also calm the anxiety down. It can also diffuse the air by using a vaporizer. One can deeply inhale the essential oil and also relieve the anxious feeling.

7. Treats Ulcer

Brahmi Oil Treats Ulcers

This herb Bacopa has the ability to cure mouth ulcer as well. Applying a small amount of Brahmi oil can promote healing from an ulcer.

8. Joint Pain Relief

Brahmi Oil Reduces Joint Pain

Brahmi oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can alleviate the pain caused in joints and also in other parts. One can also massage this oil on the back, for a headache and other related issues. It includes the analgesic effect that can grant temporary relief for sure.

9. Alzheimer’s Disease

Brahmi Oil Cures Alzheimers Disease

Brahmi herb has also shown its result when it comes Alzheimer’s disease. It can boost the cognitive function. Massaging this oil on the scalp can grant all the benefits you are looking for.

10. Abdominal Massage

Brahmi Oil Abdominal Message

Applying Brahmi oil on the abdomen can also cure intestinal gas issues. It can cure upset stomach, indigestion.

11. Mental Problems

Brahmi Oil Message for Mental Alertness

Brahmi oil can boost the flow of blood to the brain cells. This is a long process but the application of this oil can improve the process. This oil induces the calming sensation. It can also improve the alertness of a person with its power.

12. Epilepsy Treatment

Brahmi Oil For Epilepsy Treatment

Brahmi oil can act as a neurological tonic. It is used to cure epilepsy when its taken from Vacha. The chemicals in it like bacosides A and B can also improve the neurotransmission to brain cells. They repair the damaged neurons as well.