16 Castor Oil Benefits for Hair, Skin & Health


Benefits Of Castor OilWe all know that castor oil is quite beneficial. Castor oil is known to be extracted from castor plant and is also an ingredient that is used in most of the beauty products, soaps, oils and medicines as well. This oil is famous for its castor beans. You will know the benefits of this oil once you dip your toes in our detailed research. Start your daily life with this oil and see it change your lifestyle for good.

Benefits For Skin

1. Heals Inflamed Skin

Castor Oil Treats Inflamation

Castor oil can instantly cure inflamed skin. It can heal the sunburns and also acne and dry skin. Take castor oil and dip a cotton piece in it. Apply it directly on the affected areas. Leave it for about an hour. Wash it off once done. Castor oil also has properties that can cure other skin inflammation problems.

2. Fights Ageing

Castor Oil Fights Ageing

Yes, women are majorly scared of premature ageing. This oil can slow down the process. Castor oil can be applied directly to the face. It produces collagen and elastin as well. It softens the skin and also hydrates it by delaying the ageing issue. It can also cut down the appearance of wrinkles and even fine lines. Make this oil your go-to and keep your skin younger looking with its application.

3. Reduces Acne

Castor Oil Treats Acne

People who are suffering from acne prone skin can use this oil and keep away the acne issue. Using it can prove beneficial for reducing the chances of acne. Take a few drops of this oil. Firstly, wash your face with warm water. This will help your pores open. Massage thoroughly in a circular motion with this oil. Keep it overnight and then wash off next morning with cold water. Castor oil is also quite rich in ricinoleic acid, and it can kill bacteria as well. It penetrates into skin layers and is a remedy for acne.

4. Moisturises Skin

Castor Oil Moisturises Skin

Yes, this oil can also leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated due to its power. This oil is an inexpensive remedy. Take some drops of it and apply it thoroughly on your face. It has fatty acids that penetrate well into the skin. It can also cure dry patches and restores the complete dehydration caused.

5. Fades Blemishes

Castor Oil Fades Blemishes

Castor oil can cure blemishes also. The result can’t be noticed overnight so have patience and experience its work slowly. The fatty acids can come to your rescue here. It penetrates in the scar tissue and encourages to keep it healthy hence taking away the blemishes.

6. Prevents Stretch Marks

Castor Oil Prevents Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen mostly of pregnancy and the lower abdomen experiences this. This is where castor oil comes into play. Being rich in fatty acids, it can cure the stretch marks caused.

7. Reduces Pigmentation

Castor Oil Reduces Pigmentation

Castor oil is known to be a good source for the skin. It can also cure spots and marks. Castor oil can even help with uneven skin tone. It can reduce any pigmentation caused. The presence of omega-3 in it can stimulate all the healthy tissues and it offers blemish free and also supple skin.

Benefits For Hair

8. Hair Growth

Castor Oil For Hair Growth


Castor oil is known to be a remedy for hair growth as well. Massaging this oil right from the scalp can offer longer and healthier hair. This oil boosts circulation, and due to the presence of omega 3 acid in it, healthy hair is achievable. It also cuts down the chances of split ends, hair breakage and conditions it well.

9. Treats Scalp Infections

Castor Oil Treats Scalp Infection

Scalp infection is also another problem we face due to a lot of stress and lack of nutrients. Using castor oil means you can get rid of dandruff and infections caused as well. Castor oil has antifungal as well as antibacterial properties in it that can fight pathogens and it can kill all the microorganisms in hair.

10. Prevents Premature Greying

Castor Oil Prevents Premature Greying

If your hair is showing signs of greying, it’s time you start using castor oil. It can prevent your hair from losing its pigment. Castor oil can retain all the healthy tissues leading to shinier and longer hair.

11. Conditions Hair

Castor Oil Conditions Hair

Yes, castor oil can also be helpful for dry and damaged hair. Take one spoon of this oil and use it after you have shampooed your hair. Add this one to your conditioner and then apply it. The humectant in it can lock the moisture and also prevent your hair from turning dry.

Benefits For Health 

12. Treats Ringworm

Castor Oil Treats Ringworm

Castor oil can also treat ringworm which happens in all age groups. The active compound which is known as undecylenic acid is found in this oil. It can treat ringworm efficiently. Just add 4 spoons of coconut oil in this and get it treated.

13. Disinfects Wounds

Castor Oil Disinfects Wounds

Castor oil can be a good disinfectant for cuts and also scrapes. It includes antimicrobial properties that can cure the anti-inflammatory properties of it. It can also relieve the pain.

14. Acts As A Laxative

Castor Oil Acts As A Laxative

The ricinoleic acid in castor oil is known to induce the laxation. Consuming castor oil is vital for people suffering from constipation as well.

15. Boost Immunity

Castor Oil Boosts Immunity

Castor oil boosts immunity as well. It can increase the defence mechanism in the body. Castor oil is a natural remedy for all the issues. It can increase the number of t-11 cells in the body. They fight against pathogens and also toxins to promote better health.

16. Reduces Joint Pain

Castor Oil Reduces Joint Pain

Castor oil can also cure arthritis. Yes, it is an excellent remedy for this issue. This one can provide relief from tissue pain. Take one fabric piece and soak the oil in it. Squeeze the excess oil and then apply on the painful areas. Place hot water bag above this. Leave it for some time. The anti-inflammatory properties of it can relieve the joint pain and also sore muscles.