Is Hair Massage the Reason for Hair Loss?


Oil Massage is considered one of the effective things for the good health of the hair. It is also considered effective for preventing hair fall. Oiling the hair has a number of other benefits for example; it will make your hair softer, improve blood circulation and prevent split ends.

However, there is a possibility that massaging head can also cause hair loss. Yes, many women have experienced this, and we’re going to understand the logic behind the same.

Is Hair Massage the Reason for Hair Loss

Let’s First Understand The Cycle Of Hair Growth:

The average span of hair growth is about 2 to 7 years. Then it goes into resting phase and falls out which is then replaced by new hair. Usually, about 80 to 90% of our hair is in growing phase, while the remaining 10 to 20% is in resting phase, waiting to fall out.

This eventually means that it is normal to lose about 100 strands every day as a part of hair growth cycle.

What Can Cause Hair Loss?

After understanding the hair cycle, we understand that 10% of hair is in resting phase. While the hair is ready to fall out and get replaced by new hair, they’re also fragile. Any slightest pressure or exertion due to hair loss will cause them to fall out. Thus, resulting in excess hair fall.

The second and most important point is if you have any nutritional deficiency, illness, stress or you have used any harsh chemicals on your head, the new hairs will take few months to grow. Plus, these factors can cause more than 10% of hair to fall into resting phase. The result of which will be excess hair loss with no signs of hair growth.

Once you notice a lot of hair falling out, it is important to treat the root cause and encourage healthy growth of hair.

Tips For Massaging:

1. Massage


Applying and massaging oil roughly or vigorously is the main reason causing hair loss. Many people incorrectly apply the oil from the roots of their hair, pulling outwards to the ends. However, the nourishment truly occurs at the roots of the hair and scalp. One of the correct ways is to ensure that you’re massaging the scalps and follicles of your hair. This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t apply oil to the entire hair but focus more on the scalp and massage into the head.

Tip: Use your fingertips to apply oil to the scalp. Move in slow, deliberate movements all over the scalp. End it by stroking the length of the hair. Remember not to be rough while doing this, as it may cause trauma to the hair roots.


2. Oiling


Massaging can be done with or without oil, depending on a personal choice. Although, oiling gives extra nourishment and conditioning to the hair along with many other benefits. One of the tricks to minimise the application of too much oil is to warm it up and apply. Warming decreases the amount of oil required.

3. Trigger Points

Trigger Points

Due to the kind of lifestyle we live sitting in front of a computer or living under stress, the muscles around the back of the head and neck tend to get stiffer and tender. This affects the posture of the neck and restricts blood flow around the scalp.

Don’t forget the important trigger points – back of the skull (the occiput) & neck area. By working in these areas, you can ease the stiffness and feel better. It can be done by working on your finger pads or using the base of your palm.

4. Type Of Oil

Type Of Oil

  • The type of oil you apply also matters the most. For thin hair, jojoba, coconut, ghee, or sunflower oil is recommended.
  • For dry and coarse hair, richer oils are advised like olive, sesame or avocado.
  • Also, oils rich in micronutrients like cow ghee of desi Indian cow breeds, pure almond oil or egg oil works great for health.
  • Other than that, one can also use aloe vera gel, flax seed gel or herbal infusions according to the hair’s needs.

5. Concentrate On Massaging

Concentrate On Massaging

Do not indulge in any other work when you’re massaging your hair since it spoils the fun. If you focus on applying oil properly to the roots and the scalp, it will work positively for the hair. Tuning on your favourite song while massaging would be more fun and relaxing.

Here’s wishing you long locks that you’ve always desired. Happy Massaging!