11 Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy


Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

It’s quite necessary that your fingernails remain quite strong. Their appearance of being weak can spoil your whole look. If you are worried about this factor, then be laid-back as we talk about how you can take care of this issue. Make an effort to care for them because proper grooming can keep your routine healthy. Monitor them and avoid certain behavior like biting them. Let’s see what are some other ways you can take care of your fingernails.

1. Use Supplements

Vaseline For Healthy Nails

Cuticles are known to have a thin layer at the bottom part. They often get quite dry and result in flakiness. For this problem to fade away, you need to apply a moisturizer. Ointments and also creams work as an effective remedy for this issue. You can also try vaseline.

2. Clean Them Regularly

Clean Nails Regularly For Healthy Nails

The pollution and mess around can turn your nails really dirty. This hygienic process needs to start its way in your life. Wash your hands regularly. Scrub them with hand wash well and spread it everywhere. This method removes the harmful bacteria on the skin. As they are trapped in the nails, soon you will notice them fade.

3. Keep Them Dry

Wear Gloves For Healthy Nails

When your nails are wet, the chances of bacteria entering are higher. Always keep them dry after you have washed them. When you are doing some household chores, you should wear gloves to protect them from germs and getting brittle. The cleansing products have chemicals but wearing gloves can save your nails.

4. Moisturise Well

Moisturise Nails For Healthy Nails

Your skin needs moisturization and so do your nails. Water will dry out the natural oil of the nails but by applying a moisturizer on your nails directly can sustain their longevity. Pick a gentle one that’s free from chemicals and also scent.  

5. Clean The Nail Cutters

The clippers you use can often develop germs around them. It’s quite necessary for you to prevent your nails from this. Wash them with soap before using them on your nails. Let them dry totally before usage.


6. Soak Your Nails Before Cutting Them

Soak Your Nails For Healthy Nails

Toenails can get thick at times and then it can get quite tough to cut them. In such cases, soak your hands and feet in warm water. Mix a spoon of salt to it and soak in it for about 10 minutes before you begin your grooming session.

7. Do Not Play With Hangnails

Do Not Play With Hangnails For Healthy Nails

Yes, we understand how tempted you are when this situation happens. You need to know that pulling off the side skin will hurt leading to pain as well as infection. Instead, use the clippers to cut them off.

8. Use Acetone Free Nail Remover

Acetone Free Nail Remover For Healthy Nails

Manicure is part and parcel of a woman’s life. That said, the removers that contain acetone can turn them quite hard. Avoid harsh brands and go for acetone-free removers. An overuse of nail polish is also advised not to be done. It can weaken your nails.

9. Choose The Right Footwear

Right Footwear For Healthy Nails

Shoes make a huge difference, and when it comes to your toenails, they suffer the most if shoes are not right. Make sure the selected shoe is of the correct size. Wear socks beneath. Wear flip-flops while using washrooms as they can prevent you from harmful bacteria.

10. Use Nail Brush

Use Nail Brush For Healthy Nails

Rigorous cleaning is also not good enough. Give your nails a break from manicure as it contains harmful tools at times. Instead, use a nail brush to clear off all the dirt. They scrub your nails well and also keep them healthy.

11. Infections

Nail Infections

Don’t take unusual things happening on your nails lightly. There could be a major health problem associated with it. If you have been experiencing infections for quite a long time now then check with your doctor. If there’s redness, swelling or any pain, chances are you are cultivating fungal infections. Pay enough attention and don’t keep your nails at risk.